WSDC Forum

The WSDC Forum is an attempt to create awareness and act upon gender related issues wherein we support and motivate each other as well as share the Center’s collective experiences.

The WSDC FORUM was founded on 16-7-2021, and is a platform for faculty members of Delhi University, i.e. college principals and in-charge/Convenor of the Women’s Development Cells (WDC)/Gender Sensitization Units, and students of individual colleges of the Universities to share their experiences in order to create synergy and coordination amongst individual WDC/GSU from the Centre.

S.No. Lecture Date Poster
1. ‘An Invitation into the Mehfil: A study of Muslim Women’s Interregional Intellectual networks’
Dr. Sreejata Paul delivered a lecture in on the subject from 2:30 pm to 05:00pm. Students of the Certificate Course in ‘Gender and Society’ along with participants of WDC/GSU of DU colleges joined in.
1.2.2022 Poster
2. “Witch-Hunting: An Instance of Violence Against Women”
WSDC, in collaboration with Janakidevi Memorial College organized a lecture at the WSDC Forum with Dr. Jitender Gill, and Dr Rajyalakshmi, Janakidevi Mahila College, University of Delhi
29.10.2021 Poster
3. “Deconstructing Masculinities in Modern India”
An interactive session and a talk was delivered by Prof. Charu Gupta, History Department, DU for the WSDC FORUM, in the online mode.
15.9.2021 Poster

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