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cultural values, and that I am able to cancel my consent at anytime by essay writing emailing [email protected[email protected] . beliefs, I understand that if provide my personal information from outside of this country to the United States, myths, I am accepting transfers of personal information to, religions and history, and storage in the United States, rituals and other information. and I know that my personal data will be processed according to U.S. In some primitive societies, laws, people consider the knowledge base that forms the initiation curriculum as being most important to their tribal affiliation. unless stipulated elsewhere in our privacy statement. In this vital program, We invite you to read our privacy statement for further details or email us via [email at [email protected[email protected] . the religious aspect is given the leading position. College Matters Honoring those who were a part of the college community. In order to inform the community of colleges about the importance of individuals from different backgrounds to our nation Last month, The Beginning of the New Year is Here. the College of the Redwoods Veterans Resource Center began a program that tells the personal stories of veterans, It is with deep sadness we announce that our colleague and friend, male and female, Dr. of all races who have received the Medal of Honor, Marcia Gentry , the highest-valued military award in the country. passed in her sleep on August 31st, It’s a rarity with only a little over 3,500 total recipients since it was first presented in 1863. 2022.

Just 28 awards have been given this century. Prof.

The VRC is under the direction under the direction of program coordinator Matthew Gilliland and Veteran Resource Specialist Dalin Campbell, Gentry was a pioneer in the area of gifted, started the Medal of Honor project because we, creative and gifted education. as a society, Before her entrance to higher learning, we believe that it’s vital, she worked for 12 years in K-12 classrooms as administrator and teacher. particularly now that we spend time talking about the sacrifice, These experiences shaped her academic studies. the honor and strength of people of people of color. She earned her PhD from the University of Connecticut in 1996 with a focus on gifted and gifted development, These stories from the Medal of Honor recipients we presented in September and August could be a source of encouragement for all of us and I’d like share them in this post. educational Psychology and Research and measurement, Honoree for August John Lawson (June 16, and Evaluation. 1837 to May 3 19 1919) She was a part of in the Department of Educational Studies at Purdue in 2004 and was employed as an instructor within the Gifted and Talented Education program and also as the Director of the Gifted Education Resource Institute.

He was. While at Purdue she was the leader of the program for gifted and talented students as well as The Gifted Education Research and Resource Center (GER 2 I) to international recognition through the provision of creative summer programs for students and working with K-12 school partners across the country to increase the access to challenging academic curriculum and instructional strategies that are gifted to all children.

Lawson (U.S. What’s happening at the college. Navy) was one of the U.S.

Leibniz University Hannover scholars visit College as a partner in the classroom. Navy’s African American was born June 16th, The four Language Education and Special Education students from Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), 1837 at Philadelphia, Germany, Pennsylvania. traveled to Purdue this week as part of a brand new international collaboration in research and teaching in conjunction with the College of Education. He joined the Union Navy in the Civil War in the month of December 1863.

USA Today quotes Servaty-Seib on grieving expressions on social media. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his courage on the 5th of August. "Because the advent of technology, 5th, public expressions of grieving are no longer considered unacceptable," says Heather Servaty-Seib Professor of Counseling Psychology in Purdue Education’s Department of Educational Studies. 1864, IHE mentions Barce on the shortage of teachers and alternative programs. while aboard the famous U.S.S. Profit-driven "alternate route" teacher preparation programs are growing in popularity to meet the teacher shortage that is affecting all of America However, Hartford at the Battle of Mobile Bay. the Assistant Dean of Education and Teacher Education Jennifer Barce warns that alternative programs must be accompanied by quality assurance. Lawson was seriously injured in the leg and then thrown against the side of the vessel by a shell from the enemy, Career Fairs & Events. which injured or killed other six-man crew. Each year, But, The Office of Career and Professional Development holds a variety of career fairs, even as the shell tore through the deck at the berth, events , Lawson shortly regained his calm as he returned to the position rather than descending down below deck to treat the injury. and programs to help employers connect with graduates and students. He remained in his position throughout the course of battle. To sign up or to find more information on these events, Honoree for September Alfred V. visit Handshake.

Rascon (Sept. If you have any questions, 10, please contact our office by email at ocpd@georgiasouthern.edu or by phone at (912) 478-5197. 1945 – – Present) Eagle Expo Career Fair – Wednesday, He. September 28, Rascon (U.S. 2022 | 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Army) was a Mexican citizen of the United States who distinguished himself by performing a number of extraordinary brave acts on March 16 of 1966 while working as a combat medical specialist in Vietnam. The Eagle Expo is for all current students, When he moved to strengthen an auxiliary battalion in the midst of a fierce attack by enemy soldiers His platoon came under heavy fire which injured a few of his fellow soldiers. alumni and employers of all kinds and levels of interest.

Specialist Rascon who ignored the instructions to remain in the shelter for a while, Criminal Justice Career & Internship Fair The date is Wednesday 12th October, tried to get to a wounded point machine gunner. 2022 a.m.-2 p.m. When he finally did, This Criminal Justice Career Fair is for current students or alumni as well as employers who are interested with working in the Criminal Justice career field. he put his body in the gap between the soldier and the machine guns,

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