Library / Infrastructure

With a modest beginning in 1987, the WSDC library is one of the best libraries on Gender Studies in Delhi. The library presently houses more than 5500 books and subscribes to four peer reviewed journals on gender issues like gender, sex, development, human rights, religion, law, research methodology etc. Apart from this, the library has a collection of UN reports, reports of the projects conducted by the Centre, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and documentary films on gender issues. The library is an open access library and now provides services to post graduate students, research scholars and faculty members of University of Delhi. Besides these regular users, scholars from different universities of the India make valuable use of its resources


Sr. No. Infrastructure Head Details
1. Library Approx. 5,500 Books, 2 Periodicals subscribed annually, documentary films on gender related topics,  reports and dissertations.
2. Internet facilities for staff and students 12 computer sets, 2 laptops, Wi-Fi facility
3. Total no. of class rooms 1 seminar room with seating capacity of 25- 30 people
4. Class rooms with ICT facility 1 seminar room equipped with internet, television, DVD player, projector facility and microphones



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