Seminar and Workshops (An Overview)


  • National Workshop on Gender Sensitization and Human Rights in collaboration with Satyawati College (Eve), D.U. (October 15 – 21, 2018)


  • National Workshop six days onGender Mainstreaming Through Research On Women’s Issues (sponsored by Association of Commonwealth Universities) (December 18-23, 2017)
  • International Workshop on Transnational Feminism: Issues of Marginalization and Intersectionalityin collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and Indian Institute of Dalit Studies (IIDS) (January 2- 16, 2017)


  • National   Workshop five days  on   FeministTheories and Debates:Special Focus on Psychoanalysis and inclusion of Intersectionality (29thFeb-4thMarch, 2016).


  • One Day Workshop on ‘Gender sensitization & Implementation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act, 2013,(3rd November, 2015)
  • National Workshop five days on Feminist Theories and Debates (6th -10thApril, 2015)


  • International Seminar on Locating Gender in the New Middle Class in Indiain collaboration with Indian Institute of Advanced Studies ( IIAS), Shimla (12th-14th March, 2014)


  • National Workshop five days on Feminist Theories and Debates (2nd – 6thDec ember, 2013)
  • National Seminar on  Women and Higher Education: Challenges &Prospects (22nd February, 2013)
  • National Workshop five days on Feminist Theories and Debates: Indian Context (28th  January–1st February, 2013)


  • National, five days Workshop on Understanding Feminist Theories, January 2012.


  • National, three days Workshop on Teaching Gender began on Teacher's Day, September, 2011.
  • National Workshop on Women in Politics: Reservation Debate, August, 2011.
  • Panel discussion on Disability and Gender, May, 2011.
  • Workshop on Protect Girl Child and Promote Adoption, March, 2011
  • Colloquium of Young Research Scholars, March, 2011
  • International Seminar on In the Name of Honour: A Dialogue on Andocentric Matrimonial Practices and Women's Subjugation in South Asia, February, 2011
  • Workshop based on the project Marriage, Autonomy And Engendered Violence: A Study Of North West India, February, 2011


  • International Seminar on Agency, Autonomy and Power: A Dialogue on Women and Body, 2010
  • A Discussion on The Prevention of Crime in the Name of Honour and Tradition Bill, 2010, November, 2010
  • National Seminar on Policy for Proactive Use of Mass Media and Different Communication Channels for Gender Equality and Sensitization, August, 2010
  • Workshop on Counselling Skills, August, 2010
  • Panel Discussion on Honour Killings, May, 2010


  • National Seminar  on Findings of the Nationwide Survey on Elected Women Representatives in Village Panchayat, in collaboration with Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India, March, 2009


  • International seminar on Mainstreaming of Women in Work and Political Processes: Issues and Challenges and Way Forward, November, 2008
  • Workshop on OrdinanceXV (D), September. 2008
  • Two days Seminar on Disability and Gender, in collaboration with Centre for Women Development and Study (CWDS), New Delhi, August, 2008.
  • Workshops on Campus Safety, 2008
  • Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium on Gender for Research Scholars, March, 2008.
  • Workshop on Gender Budgeting for the Delhi University Community , February, 2008
  • Workshop on Domestic Violence, February, 2008
  • Workshops on Campus Safety, February 2008
  • Panel Discussion on Masculinity, Sexuality And Patriarchy, 2008
  • Seminar on Women Leadership and Community,  in Collaboration with The Institute for Teaching and Research on Women (ITROW), Towson University, USA, 2008


  • Seminar on The Girl Child Project, July, December 2007
  • Presentation on Domestic Violence August 2007
  • UGC Capacity Building for Women Managers in Higher Education, February- March 2007
  • UGC Capacity Building Workshop for Delhi Police Personnel, 13-14 February 2007
  • Public Lecture by Magsaysay award wined, Ms. Aruna Roy on Women and Development, 22 January, 2007


  • One Day Workshop on Women and Agency, August 2006.
  • National conference on Women, Science And Society, March, 2006
  • National Workshop on Attitudinal Difference Towards the Girl Children in India, February 2006


  • National Seminar on Indian perspective: Feminist Theory And Practice, December 2004
  • UGC National Conference on Women's Studies in Indian Universities: Impact and Future Directions, June, 2004
  • Seminar cum Workshop on Women in Media and Popular Culture: Narratives of Identity in Collaboration with IIAS, Shimla, May, 2004


  • Exhibition cum Workshop on Women's Home Based Work in India, March 2003
  • Seminar on Women and Work, March 2003
  • Seminar on Women and Work, February, 2003
  • Seminar on Women and Work January, 2003
  • Seminar on Journey of a Woman Through Life: Issues and Agenda, January, 2003
  • Travelling Exhibition on Women's Home-Based Work, in Collaboration With Women's Interlink Foundation, January, 2003


  • International seminar on “Family And Cultural Transition: USA And India”, December, 2002
  • Seminar on Women and Work, University of Delhi, December, 2002
  • Workshop on Women's Home Based Work, December 2002
  • Seminar on Women and Work, August 2002


  • National Seminar on Women's Studies: Research and Curriculum, in Collaboration with IIAS, Shimla, 2001
  • Women's Studies Network: Issues and Agenda, 2001


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