Gender Studies (Advanced Course)
The centre runs the Advanced Certificate Course on Gender Studies for Post graduate students. It is a four months course conducted every year. Aim of the course is to train participants to do research in gender related topics and even help registered PhD scholars to understand gender perspectives in their chosen area of research. The course outline includes Women's Studies as a Discipline; Gender as a Concept; Feminist Theories and Research Methodology.

A national workshop on theoretical debates with special focus on a chosen area of debate is part of the course in which researchers and young teachers from institutions across India participate.

The performance of the participants is assessed by different modes of examinations. The course is open to scholars, teachers and other professionals.

Gender and Society
It is a four months certificate course. The course combines class room teaching with project work. The course content includes feminist theories and core issues related to gender inequality, discrimination and operation with a special reference to India. The course includes topics such as: Theoretical Challenges, Women in Indian Society, Women in Cultural and Literary Paradigms, Gender and Social Change. It is an introductory course for the post graduate students and other graduates.

University Grant Commission (UGC) Refresher Course for Teachers
WSDC has the honour of offering the first such course in the country in 1997 that was inaugurated by the then UGC chairperson. The course aims at introducing theoretical perspectives on emergent issues on women/gender, along with dissemination of information on contemporary debates on women/gender. The course envisages detailed and in-depth discussion on ground realities around gender issues. It facilitates teachers of humanities and social sciences to be informed and develop gender perspectives in their own subject discipline.

WSDC has conducted seventeen refresher courses in women's studies so far. Each course is formulated on a special theme.

Some of the themes of these courses were:

  • Gender and space
  • Gender and Models of Development
  • Women in South Asia
  • Women and Human Rights
  • Feminist Theory and Practice
  • Gender, Culture and Development
  • Gender, Human Rights and Development

More than 500 teachers have been trained through these courses by the centre to equip them with the required knowledge to pursue teaching on women/gender in their respective disciplines and include it in the class room teaching. Only permanent teachers of Indian universities and colleges are eligible to apply for this course which fulfils their needed requirement for faculty promotion.

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