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March 2016 ​

Valedictory of Courses 2016

Workshop on Gender Sensitization

Gender and Socity Course

Latest News

‘Celebration of International Women’s Day’ on 8th March, 2017
• The ongoing project on 'Mall: A Gendered Space', located in Delhi is in its final stage with a short film and report coming out soon.
• Research team is currently working on a pilot for its research project titled ‘Understanding Change In Gender Relations In The New Middle Class In India' with current focus on Delhi NCR.
• Valedictory programme of ‘Gender and Society’ Course (2016-17)
• Seminar Course on ‘Transnational Feminisms: Issues of Marginality and Intersectionality’

About Us

The Women's Studies and Development Centre (WSDC) was established by University of Delhi in 1987 as a response to University Grants Commission's call to address women's issues in higher education.

The Centre was one of the first four women's studies centres established by UGC. In the history of 25 years, the centre has made long strides in the direction of Teaching, Research and Development.

The Centre is the focal point for women's and gender studies in the University. The activities of WSDC place women and gender at the centre of its inquiry focusing mostly on multidisciplinary perspectives of class, caste, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, age. It also addresses several other contemporary socio-political issues concerning women. Teaching and research has gradually become the prime focus of the Centre.

The Centre offers short term courses for undergraduates, graduates and post graduates Certificate Courses in women's Studies is offered at colleges for under graduates. The course titled “Gender and Society” for graduate and “ Advanced certificate Course in Gender Studies” for post graduates is run by WSDC. Apart from these short term courses the centre undertakes many research projects and other extension activities. It regularly offers University Grants Commission's Refresher Course In Women's Studies for teachers. The centre also organizes gender sensitization programs, community action, lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences regularly. WSDC has networks with different faculties and colleges of Delhi University, Women's Studies Centres across the country, different foreign universities, United Nations and its constituent bodies, Government bodies, voluntary organizations.